10 December 2006

Why Mk III?

Well this is "take 3" at blogging.

I have managed to nuke 2 previous blogs by messing around with the Wordpress PHP code, something I know nothing about.

Ready to toss in the towel, and being off-line for a few months, I was convinced to give the Blogger platform a go from a friend who's blog template I've borrowed heavily from... kudos to Avalon Trading.

So far so good. (lol this is the first post) It does seem much easier to work with.

This time I'll avoid fooling around with the code :-P

I trade options on both stocks and indices for a living. As a general principle, I will try to be a net seller on indices as a premium collection strategy, and on stocks I select strategies based on volatility conditions and my technical view of price action.

My first point of analysis is volatility, to see if I can identify opportunities from over or under valuations, or to take advantage of the volatility cycle.

Hopefully the content here will be interesting and useful... and with any luck, I won't upset anybody.... hmmmm.

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