27 June 2007

A Change

Hi Folk, (This is not a typo, there is only one person tenacious enough to check this blog for new posts. That's my wife... and only cause I just told her.)

As intimated in an earlier post, I've been moving in the direction of commodity trading. I've been dabbling in commodities for some time while predominantly trading stock options, but over the last year things have changed. I've become predominantly a commodities trader who dabbles in a few stocks and their options.

There are a few reasons for this which I won't bore you with right now, but mainly I am attracted by the non-correlated returns offered by non-related commodities and financial futures.

You will have also noticed that I've changed the name of the blog. Obviously I wanted to reflect my change of direction, but also to out myself as a bear. (Those that know me know this already) "Trading the Apocalypse" seemed to reflect all the bullshit happening in the world right now. Wars, global warming, terrorism, mortgage fiascos, perpetual bubbles waiting to pop, all point to some "exciting times in the near future. Perhaps an apocalypse? Perhaps not. LOL

So what I want to do here is comment on whats happening in the various markets; of course throw up some charts on the action as well, nothing new there. But maybe I'll have a bit of a vent every now and again, bitch about house prices, make enemies on the other side of the political spectrum (wherever that lies), give out fuckwit awards, stuff like that.

Maybe even a stock of the day once in a while.

Anyway, this is purely for my enjoyment and as an outlet for my frustrations. If you feel like joining in (that is, if anyone apart from my Mrs reads this) please do so.


The ASX Gorilla said...


Does this overt bearishness ever get in the way of a good trade? ie. "I can't go long...the world is overdue it's implosion 17 hrs already".


w.a.l. said...

Not at all ASX.G

I'm not silly enough not to recognize which way momentum is going. If it's on the long side, I'm a nut not to trade it.

I'm quite comfortable trading in a direction the complete opposite to my opinion. I learned long ago that my opinion amounts to nowt.

That said, one of the things I like about commods is that you can be a bear on one commodity, and bullish on another... but I'll still trade with the momentum.

But I wouldn't buy financial stocks right now and stuff them in the bottom drawer. I would trade them long but on a technical basis.

Thanks for dropping in :)

Uncle Festivus said...

Hi Wayne,
It's about time you came out of the closet, it was getting cramped in here. I have the same view generally and trade the ebbs & flows any way they present themselves while trying not to let bearish sentiment impede my trades.
One thing I have noticed is that, for Aus stocks at least, it's turned into a 'short the rallies' type of market.
I agree, money shuffling stocks are to be treated with caution, their time is nigh (for shorting)!