02 November 2009

November Soothsaying... Or Not.

As October trading is over it's time to look forward to the next month with reference to our new monthly pivots now set in stone, with the last trading day in October adding a fair bit of interest to the equation.

The monthly pivots have been very influential on the resistance side of the equation, but with scarcely any relevance at all on the support side. This is fairly expected in a stong uptrend.

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First line of resistance is 1085 and my guess is that that would well and truly contain this market based on the last few day's action.

Maybe we see the support pivots coming into play... maybe. First support at 1003. Anyway, they're my points of reference to watch out for.

The 20dma of the equity only put/call ratio is still dragging it's ass along the lowest levels of the last 3 years and that still says to me that the market is toppy.

But those low readings can and do drag on.

VIX is the interesting one having hit 30 on Friday. VIX gave a pretty reliable short term buy signal that manifested itself on Thursday of last week, but that all turned to crap on the Friday. The VIX is about 50% higher than current realized vols (on a 20 or 30 day lookback basis); I don't know whether that means options are a sell, because realized vols could just pick up a canter from here... perhaps even gallop off into the sunset.

All in all a pretty interesting week and month ahead. No soothsaying from me at this point apart for not expecting new yearly highs in the month of November... but I don't really think the market is ready to sell of in a major way just yet.

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mark said...

I am a big seller of premium at this point. Normally, I'm not much of a condor guy, but at this point the premiums are high and you could land a jet in between the shorts. We make money in options by selling while other people panic buy!

Wayne said...


Unfortunately out of the market at the moment because I'm travelling.