04 July 2007

Peter Schiff verses Everyone

Peter Schiff on Kudlow and Company

And the winner is... well that depends on your cognitive biases.

Always entertaining.


The ASX Gorilla said...

Nice little bun fight that one...I agree with Peter S to a large extent, particularly what he says about achieving better performance in overseas markets. The other monkeys don't seem to comprehend the connection between a falling $US, decreased purchasing power and inflation.

The ASX Gorilla said...

I mean, just because the US sharemarket continues to go up doesn't guarentee that they're going be able to afford the same things with the dollars they're making. Their UK and Australian holidays have become much more expensive for one thing.

w.a.l. said...

Peter is a regular on bubblevision and there is an archive of these videos on his site @ www.europac.net

Without exception the bulls have been mocking and derisive, "Imperial Arrogance" as one person put it. I must say that some of the bulls arguments fit right into this hypothesis, totally ludicrous and delusional.

But Pete will have the last laugh IMO.