07 July 2007

Weekend update on Treasuries

Just a quick chart update on my latest obsession in the treasury markets. The short trade setup triggered nicely and has continued in the desired direction. The 10 year T-Notes that I trade are now roughly at the first point of possible (and tenuous IMO) support and not really showing any signs of stopping at this stage.

The other contract I follow is the EUREX Euro Bund. Although the setup wasn't as technically crisp as the t-notes, it was still a valid short setup that triggered a bit earlier while the yanks were messing around and tyeing firecrackers to their neighbor's cat's tail and other pyrotechnical frivolities.

The bund is actually now testing contract lows, a point interest rate obsessed equity investors deem to have missed at this point... or are ignoring.

... or maybe they are expecting support.

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