11 August 2009

Credit Spread Myths

So a few posts back I started on a bit of a rant on the BS being passed off as information on credit spreads and gave up about half way through. As the fashion for option bloggers is to do the odd video these days, I decided to finish the job in a video.

I've picked on the same article, because it encaspulates most of the nonsense out there in just two or three paragraphs and a few bullet points. I don't have anything to sell, so no need to be wary about any marketing at the end.


Mark Wolfinger said...

You are too kind.

The 'myths' you wrote about aren't myths. They are lies. Pure and simple.

Deliberate, misleading falsehoods designed to separate the neophyte from his/her money.

There's no need to bank your head on your desk. Nothing can stop these people. But, I appreciate your effort in making the attempt.

Wayne said...

Hey Mark,

It's a bit like the story of the starfish on the beach. It's impossible to stop most people handing their money over to these clowns. But the information is there for those who want to listen.

There are some good books and programs around. I haven't read your books, but from reading your blog, I have no doubt they tell it how it is. It's just my little contribution to try and get people to be more discerning in recognising bullshit.

At the end of the day, you either join the bullshitters or fight them. I like truth, so must put my $0.02 in where I am able.


NK said...


If only I came across your blog several months earlier - I would have saved myself a couple of grand on one of these hypesters/spruikers/scammers.

At the very least, it has gotten me thinking about options more seriously - instead of just as the "ultimate wealth creation" strategy.

Keep up the good work!

warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

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