01 October 2009

The Creaking Limb Holds

The sellers have come in to save my call. Phew, my campaign for gurudom is intact. Of course, having an iron condor to manage, I hope I'm not too blinkin' right.

Some consolidation right about here would be nice.

The greater question is the medium term prospects for stocks. We've come a long way and there is a lot of euphoria about, mixed in with some stubbornly pessimistic outlooks.

I'm doubtful that many of the problems which caused the financial cesspit we're in have been resolved in any way, and the real economy is still struggling. So the question is to what extent stocks will start to reflect reality - or some future version of it?

Which begs the whole gamut of existential and related questions. What is reality? What is value? Inflation or Deflation? etc etc etc

More importantly, when will the dip buyers step up to the plate?

1 comment:

Grinder said...

I hope your not either. Don't want to have to mess around with DDs, would much prefer a month of non directional choppy behaviour.