14 October 2009

The Intel Torpedo

The bulls will be feeling all warm and fuzzy this morning as it looks as though Intel earnings will be giving the Spoooz a leg up over resistance and to a new high for the year, if the futures right now are any guide.

Of course it means my double top scenario has taken a torpedo to the magazine case... a direct hit. Never mind, I'll keep my guru robes in the bottom drawer just in case I get a market call right one day. I should have just taken the Abbey Joseph Cohen line and basked in my correctness.

This also means the VIX will sink below the 23% water line, in fact has already closed below yesterday.

Man the lifeboats and board the good ship PollyAnna LOL. I give up, I'm turning bullish.

(Which could just be a great sell signal).

However, worry not for my finances. Realizing how crap I am at market calls, I continue to be delta neutral on the indexes. All this stuff is for amusement only.

I love options :).


Anonymous said...

I don't think you are wrong, just a bit early.

LC said...
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Wayne said...

The story of my life Anon.


Grinder said...

I soooo wanna turn bullish but am a bear at heart, so I guess it's delta neutral all the way.