28 October 2009

Whither Gold?

Although gold option volatility has settled into what looks like a base of around 20%, it is still usefully above realized vols at around 15-16%... useful depending which side of the trade your on and presuming realized vols don't startle us all into a dither.

Aside from what has become the normal 4 or 5 points premium, there doesn't seem to be a lot of buying interest in gold options (specifically calls), despite the gold-bug's scaremongering and ramping.

Price action on the other hand looks to be approaching an interesting point at the old resistance becomes support observation and this is still in a technical uptrend. Countering this is a few voices such as Roubini who have been talking Gold down.

I've exited my option trades now, so nervously contemplating my next move. I don't want to miss a good party thrown by the gold bugs, but on the other hand, I can't help feeling a bit skeptical about $5,000 gold or whatever number get pulled out of people ass.

Short gamma doesn't excite me right now.

So, whither gold?

1 comment:

steveplace said...

if GVZ can make a push down to 1850 I'd consider buying vol in GLD